New website is online!

After many years of neglecting it, I finally got around to updating the website. I did more than just add a new message whining about something, I actually went and developed a new site from scratch. The original code for the previous site was laid down in 1999, and it was feeling very dusty. Please understand that I am still trying to fill out some of the sections, so please excuse any bad links or anything.

So, you may be asking yourself why I am updating things now. Well, I have finally finished off my commitments with other companies and taken a much needed respite. Several months ago, I finally had enough of sitting around on my duff and have gotten back into the game of building stuff again. I have been plowing through my checklist of things, and finally hit the "refresh that damn website" item. Well, I just about have that ready to check off my list now.

MetaSquares for the iPhone

I got word that MetaSquares is now available on the iPhone App Store. I worked with the guys over at MetaTools to help them get a strong AI in place as well as some internal game play stuff. It has been a bit of a long haul to get this product out the door, so it is really great to see it out in the wild.

Congrats John, Larry and Kai!

TuneRooms is live!

My friends over at TuneRooms have gone live with their service! It is a really cool system that let's musicians collaborate on making tunes online. I could ramble on about it, but you should just check it out yourself.