When you are working on a software project, there is frequently the need for a tool that simply does not exist. So, being a programmer and all, you set off on a tanget to make that tool. I have done this myself innumerable times. So, I put together this little section of my site to share some of these tools and code snippets. Enjoy! Oh yeah...and use at your own risk!

MacIPAC 2.2.4
MacOS X 10.7+

A company called Ultimarc makes awesome circuit boards for hooking up arcade joysticks and buttons to your computer. This is the software I wrote to allow you to program it from your Mac.

Visit Ultimarc!

Last Updated: 2017-11-19

rezycle 1.5.5
MacOS X 10.6+

Simply drop your application or resource file onto rezycle and it will extract all of the resources for you and place them into a folder next to the original file. But wait, thats not all! It will not only extract the old stuff for you, but it will also convert it into fabulous modern formats! Have some old 'snd ' resources? BANG! Now you have some spiffy new AIFF files! Old icons and cursors? BANG! Transformed into lovely png files! As a special bonus, anything rezycle can't convert will be exported as binary files for you to attack with your favorite hex editor!

Last Updated: 2013-07-12